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  • Also this team lose matches but rarely get smashed. Only Pune and Lord's come to mind. That team got dismantled by SL a few times, SA at Centurion/Nagpur/Ahmedabad, Australia at Melbourne etc.
    But they drew lots of matches, home and away, and seemed content to settle for draws while winning series by narrow margins. I prefer the current approach.

    Yes their batting was better. But Dravid was actually in ordinary form for a good period before his 2011 resurgence and Sehwag wasn't much better than the current openers outside Asia. Dhoni was pretty reliable in Tests everywhere upto 2011 or so, too early to say whether Pant can replicate that. I'd say the lack of runs and uncertainty over the keeper spot was a pretty big factor in the SA/England losses, looking back.
    I don't think so, they had a good first XI, better batting, but nowhere near as much depth in the bowling. They'd have probably failed to close the deal in Melbourne and drawn 1-1.
    Hey, please continue evading the filter. Don’t let the man bring you down.
    Hey, please stop evading the filter in your signature (even if it's a quote). He copped a ban for it. If you want to quote that post then change the filtered words into, well, filter.
    Not going to start slitting my wrists just yet. If these two last the day, then yes. :)
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