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  • Yeah I think I'll post a message in the thread asking for interest and then send out a mass PM on CricSim to those who reply to it. We could have a whole bunch of people connect to the VPN for just a few seconds each and then disconnect again.

    Unfortunately it doesn't work on the Star site (I experimented with that before) but it works fine on the YouTube ones.
    Fun fact: if you connect to the Indian server, then start playing the TenSports stream, then disconnect from the VPN, the YouTube stream doesn't cut out.

    It doesn't work on the StarSports version; I guess YouTube's geoblocking isn't very sophisticated though.

    The potential benefit of this would be getting around the "one connection from each device type at a time" limitation if I decided to involve more people than just you. It also means you don't have to end up limited to the Indian server proxy speed for hours online if you're watching the cricket. :P
    I've pretty much exclusively used it for StarSports and BCC iPlayer myself; I haven't had it for all that much longer than you. I'll let you know if I come across something interesting though; I definitely think there's some fun to be had using the US server.

    Fantastic news on the SkyGo; really looking forward. I used to have a friend from high school who had moved to NZ record me Mathew Sinclair TV appearances and I trawl through the vault every so often, but it'll be great to get something live!
    SA/NZ is on Foxtel here so I definitely won't have any problems with you using the communal Indian computer through that series at any time should SkyNZ not pick it up.
    i'll go without. i have a real job now so i can't really mooch off of cw social services anymore. cheers for your kindness over the years of thieving from sky kippax :)
    Oh no knew this was coming. The p00s is telling you to stop aiding lowbrow socialist scum such as myself. Gonna have to bank on Kiwiviktor getting into parliament and lobbying to return live cricket to TV once he's dealt with certain other agendas.
    yeah it can be interesting to add some personality and context to the game (e.g. neesh tweets, KW android etc) to a point, but I don't think ***ual behaviour really comes into that.

    and yeah, quite evident that comment was not meant to be public.
    I think you should take down that raki weerasundara instagram comment. I don't want to know nor do I care about what he's into outside of cricket.
    Is everything all right with you man? Dark Kippax usually makes videos trolling Devcich, not posting outbursts at people you don't like on the internet (that's my job).

    Drop me a line if you need to chat to someone ok.
    Thanks mate,I figured that might be the case so went onto YouTube and just watched the highlights.. Disappointed with Mathews as he threw his wicket as way twice and could have applied himself more but it was the right result in the end..
    I funded it with a debit card account. Whenever I withdraw it just sends money back to that same account.. can take up to a week though.
    It's a little bit of a curious favourite politician for a libertarian to have. I guess it just shows how much he priorities economic issues and which area he wants to leave his mark in, because she was a raging authoritarian on social issues. I would've expected him to answer with Ron Paul, especially since he told the CIS:

    "Leaving aside his foreign policy views, my hero -- or my example, I suppose -- would be Ron Paul. What I would like to do is start a 'libertarian fire' ... and have it spread in the way it spread in America with Ron Paul as a kind of mentor to it. It spread to the Republican Party, it set off the Tea Party -- which has morphed into other things which aren't always good, but he set off an entire libertarian movement in America. The problem is that he took twenty odd years to do it, and I don't have that long so I'm going to have to get on my skates, but that's what I have in mind."

    He's just trolling you specifically with his agribusiness reference IMO.
    I just read an article about the first Senator elected from the politcal party I'm in (he started Tuesday -- exciting times for Australian libertarians!) and when it listed his current job as "agribusiness", I thought of you and laughed out loud. I've been long aware that's what he does, but it's the first time I've seen it described like that in print.


    Get out of my head, Kippax.
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