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  • NcCullum and Santner both excellent value there. I'm not convinced enough that Sodhi will be selected all the time to make 7/1 worth it however.
    Apparently my father has a sportsbet account (which is the Australian PaddyPower, so same odds); he's told me I can put a $20 bet on and give him the cash when I next see him. Might come in handy in future; just have to hope he doesn't get banned for winning too much like I did.
    Yeah Fox Sports told me they had the rights a while ago but they haven't shown a single game. Perhaps they decided not to bother when Australia piked it. I'm disappointed in myself for not having checked StarSports though; VPN would've covered me even if they weren't ********* to Australia.
    Yeah I cashed out when he brought up his 50. I couldn't have picked a much better time in the end.
    I'll let your device be my January change if you like; I only really use two of the devices registered to my Foxtel Go. Doesn't help you now particularly, but it might in the future.

    I got on Carlos at 41. They're offering me a cashout of $127.50 for my $30 bet on it right now; tempting because I think he'll go early but I think I'll let it ride.
    Unfortunately I'm limited to three devices total and one 'change' per month, and I've already made my December change.

    Did you bet on Carlos, btw? I think he's some sort of chance tomorrow morning.
    Yeah I'd be tempted to argue even less 40/1. 80/1 is absolutely silly; potential goldmine there.
    Pretty surprised that no-one else has actually hit me up for VPN usage. We could have a bunch of people essentially taking advantage of it at once when the games are on TenSports/Sony Six rather than Star because of the way YouTube works.
    I've used Chromecast before, but it's temperamental to the point of it probably not really working if your graphics card is so old that it doesn't have a HDMI port.

    A DVI-D to HDMI cable would work absolutely fine assuming your PC has a DVI-D port though; they're effectively the same thing so you won't even need an adapter so much as just a cable with two different ends on it.
    Haha a 42" is precisely what I was watching it on yesterday. You can tell it's low quality but not to the point where it'd look better on a smaller screen.

    How far away is your computer from your TV? You could just try a long HDMI cable...
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