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  • Mashed edit first instead of quote when replying to your keto post. Sry bud.
    Hey just wanted to randomly say that I really enjoy your posts on scientific and political issues. Well structured and stick to what you know to be the hard evidence. What's your academic history, out of interest?
    Hi just wanted to say you were right in the AIBU thread would have been a good idea to get some form of proof but I do feel another insurance company would have offered another product... I would have posted a few comments which would affirm your comment... But it got hijacked. Sorry.
    Hey mate. Just wanted to apologise for my part in the posting yesterday. While I stand by my points my tone and phrasing was influenced by the red mist in a way that wasn't useful. Generally enjoy your posting even if I don't agree with all your conclusions. Cheers.
    thanks - I was not offended - I was just making the point that the arguments for veganism, aside from the obvious truth that we don't NEED to eat meat, are mostly moralistic or ethical and are value judgements. As long as you know that whenever I am arguing a point, I am not arguing to prove I'm right, but to see where I'm wrong, you're all good. As per your suggestion, I have been reading up on the topic.
    Sup mate, I was contemplating starting an International modern Rugby draft (players playing Test rugby post the year 2000), but wasn't sure if I could drum up enough Rugby fans on this site. Let me know if you're keen and if I get enough interest, I'll look to start it once this current 6 nations draft is complete. Cheers.
    1/2 Final!
    Just started...

    Final four greatest movie characters remaining...

    I re-opened my movie characters tournament today , so come and vote for your favorites...
    It's 3 Round now, so this is Invite to voting , this time I will finish job..
    thread is on OFF.TOPIC

    See ya..
    You don't want to sign up to cricsim

    not for the lamesaders at any rate

    by all means drop by and view the car crash though

    haha athlai said "cribb is about to start season 13" last september.
    Hey mate, Was wondering if you might be keen to sign up to cricsim. After a few years of twiddling his thumbs Cribb is about to start season 13 and I thought you might be keen.

    I'm with the Crusaders and we'd be keen to have you on, we're looking for quick bowlers but any position you want to sign up in we'd be happy to take on board. CS is a pretty funny board, rough around the edges but I think it's something you'd enjoy. In terms of familiar faces at the Crusaders, myself and Morgie are the ones you'd be most familiar with but theres a few other guys who post a bit less prolifically on CW there.

    You can register here cricsim.com/showthread.php?908-Registrations
    and you can sign a season contract with the Crusaders here cricsim.com/showthread.php?47904-Season-13-Contracts

    Let me know if you have any questions about it all, would be gun to have you on board.
    Well nah not necessarily. I've seen quite a few modern young sports jocks coming through (I guess sort of Entourage or gangsta wannabes) who'll broadcast it all out to the world under their real names.
    Yeah I personally enjoy personalities being fleshed out well beyond the mere stats and techniques as everyone knows, but I see he has tried to cover his tracks once I click the google link.
    Yeah, pretty much. Not sure if Spark or I will be hosting but we can sort that out between ourselves. Aim for about 1:40am your time, gives us a chance to make sure everything's working before we broadcast.
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