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  • went to nosey at your like and started reading that old chestnut. some great yarns in there but you made me read posts i wrote as a borderline vegetable 17 year old.

    Hey, just a quick question about the vault, why do I have to go to matches.aspx after clicking on the 'door to the vault'? atm I'm just going straight to that final URL and it's working fine.
    Success! It's working too apart from not allowing fullscreen. thanks again, should settle the debate as to whether we need to get sky at the flat
    Cheers kipp. Now to figure out where the **** youtube put the inbox after that horrible rehaul, still haven't found it
    Nah he's got years of uni left so suits him more. I'll be able to get Mum and Dad's isky deets over the Christmas break anyway since I'm sure if I told them it's no cost or hindrance to them for me to watch online they would agree.
    I might just bequeath it to Albi in 30 days. The upcoming India series will have no shortage of streams and I am only a year away from having real money and a sky subscription. He still has all those years of uni left...
    I'll also keep in mind the device limit because I've been using isky on my uni computer recently, and I wouldn't want to screw you over haha.
    I reckon me and him can alternate. There are no shortage of nefarious means either so one day someone freeloads sky then the next day they put their eyepatch on.
    Don't worry mate, streams have been in decent supply recently so I'll be able to find my fix. Cheers for providing it though, you're a good man (/woman)
    no worries, i've found a stream anyway. I managed to get it going again just before the close of play but I guess it was only because the others weren't using it. Once again, thanks heaps for letting us freeload. I owe you a pint or three.
    Yeah you have to learn the trick -
    Hendrix's Request - YouTube

    Then amend that scorecard's link and hit enter -
    Video Scorecard
    Hey, I tried to click the link to access the vault, and it only brings up a scorecard for one game. I am guessing it is the wrong link? Can you provide a link for me please?
    hey bud, do you still have the video of jake doran scoring 80 odd? he's just been named in a tour match here and it'd be nice to show that to people to give them some idea about the kid.
    Cheers, Have already had a bit of a play, is quite a good system, I can see myself losing many hours......

    How legit is it to access it this way.
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