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  • Yeah I am. Wicket was a bit green but your lads bowled a bit short on it - would do too much and end up playing and missing. Good to hear your going well, heard yours is a nice spot. Looking forward to the return game.
    I'm still in Aus at the moment, don't arrive in England till June 7. Denby are flying by the looks of it!
    I'm playing for Marsden, going to be living in Golcar and play for them next season as the overseas. Played for Golcar in 2011 and met my now wife, we are moving back there permanently in June.
    Haha, seriously? What club? I'm moving to Huddersfield in June, got my club sorted already as an overseas.
    I like ODI tickets too. Thanks for offering it to me but don't bother with just that one. The other was Cook 10000 game so was more keen. Keep it as a memorabilia for yourself.. :)
    I think we should start calling Maxwell as Shahid Maxwell. Is more fun and it might make him about as unpredictable as afridi by jinxing him :p
    Anyway, if you can't get into our vault, I notice plenty of videos from the Tests are up online, if you search for the 'NZAUTV Cricket' channel on Youtube.
    Yeah you can't post direct links on a poster's wall apparently. (I had to type 'dot com', which you'd need to change back to how a normal URL looks, then hit enter).
    Hi Yorks - watch the end of this video if you'd like vault access (to watch a player's wickets and boundaries etc.). youtube dot com/watch?v=UAS4TSe7J58&t=14m49s
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