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  • I wouldn't worry about your post count on it mate, your contributions on CW are more than enough to make an awesome impression over there.
    So it's about time you signed up to the good forum of Cricsim and participated in our top calibre NZ cricket discussion there.

    I'd also like to offer you a contract in the two flagship simulation leagues of cricsim, cricsim and Heef's rugbysim.

    The contracts being with the Crusaders for the cricket sim and the Cricketweb Crabs for the rugby one.

    Basically you won't know really anyone besides me in the Saders besides maybe Ritchie or 99*, while you'll be familiar with the plethora of guns in the CW Crabs. It's like CW without the drama.

    You're a gun. Come be a gun on cricsim.
    Haha I just wanted a show Ruckus a Turner compilation really because he asked about him. Bowled a few cracking arm balls against Nepal which are now already on YouTube thanks to you, and in the same game he bowled an unplayable off break in his first over (IIRC?) which beat everyone and went for byes; even just that would have done the job. I didn't even get to see his first few overs against England though so anything from that game would made me a very happy man. :p
    Did you get your raw Under 19s footage from somewhere online before cutting them up for your vids, or did you record the games?
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