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  • Does posting here make sense?

    From 1st NZ A game, checking only B division:
    Solia -10 for bowling ER >4 2nd innings (in row 183), I have updated.
    Do Duffy's points count for NZ A? Is 13th choice and Bracewell + Henry injured I assume yes. So I have updated sum calculation.

    Does Ravindra get 5 points and Cleaver lose 4 points for shared catch of Vihari?
    (see scoring.nzc.nz/#md3b44507-7050-4a9d-9cad-96a02dbd9181)

    Do Chapman's points count? I assume not as he is 14th player, and only 2 injured from 1st choice XI.
    Nah still won't let me. They probably don't get a lot of action on exotic WBBL markets, so you, myself, "my father", Julian87 and anyone else who stalks either of our walls betting on it has probably got them a bit spooked.
    Thanks! They only let me have $30 on it unfortunately but it'll still be a tidy win if it happens (or even just if they offer me a cash out after she walks out to open).
    Hi mate,

    I was wondering if you could give me your email address as I was hoping you could arrange a few videos of some players from our emerging to Sri Lanka if you would be so kind.
    Random sets for draft thread:
    Set 3: 1, 3, 6, 2, 5, 4
    Set 4: 2, 1, 5, 4, 6, 3
    Set 5: 2, 4, 1, 6, 3, 5
    Hope the password change wasn't my fault -- I haven't created any videos but I pop in to check it out every so often, and the Australia IP address might be more of a red flag than what you've done.

    (feel free to delete this once you've read it if you like)
    I didn't realise that it was Tim Nielsen's idea, but I have trained with one of them before.

    Yeah, it would be a good aid, although it encourages a lot of overspin - I was quite good at it as my seam often only pointed to first slip.
    Turner just bowled WA to victory on the last day of what was for all intents and purposes a Sheffield Shield semi-final. Unfortunately it was against NSW so I'm not that thrilled, but good to see him finally starting to get his bowling career going.
    Regarding the video evidence, I've recently moved house so wasn't set up to do that before. Finally finished setting that stuff up just then, so you'll get some next time. :P
    Turner's bowling is sadly not as good as new (his action has really deteriorated), but his arm ball is getting closer again, even if his off break isn't.
    Full marks for the reference though.
    Yeah I don't think he's terrible, but AZH said he thinks he's the most talented batsman in the team, and that's something I really don't see at all. If I was picking the side he'd be in it but he'd be at 6 or so rather than 3.

    11 is overs but I still think it's pretty unlikely to actually come off if they don't give you a cash out when he wanders out at first drop.
    Thanks Cribb. I'll take on board the fact you don't really rate him, Also maybe not a big enough game to be guaranteed a live cash out, so I guess I better restrain myself.
    Haha yeah I got on that myself a few hours ago. I don't rate him as highly as people like AZH do but it's still massive overs; bet365 clearly don't realise he's going to bat three.

    I recently subscribed to WillowTV too so I'll be watching the game in HD, at least the parts that don't cross over with the Test. Looking forward.
    Your avatar is extraordinary. Is that leg-spin with an off-spinner's action? Where'd you find it? And who is depicted? :-)
    Yeah he's definitely worth a bet I think. I'm not convinced he'll play all the time either and I guess that's Ladbrokes' angle there, but if he does play all the games he's an excellent chance so it's a risk worth taking at 25/1.
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