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  • Hey Jager,

    I think no club wants another batsman as they all have fair bit of batsmen in their teams. I didn't know this before signing otherwise I would sign as bowler. I would join any club if they require another batting wicketkeeper
    I don't ever recall him doing anything other than opening the batting, usually with Gordon Greenidge, but I didn't follow his career in South Africa or Aus very closely, so he may well have done
    Imran > Wasim > Waqar. Wasim definitely the better bowler over the long career. While Waqar definitely the better one at his peak but when you saw them both bowl over the course of their careers, you saw that Wasim was a class above all the other bowlers of that era in certain respects. It is not for nothing that Donald, McGrath, and Ambrose all rated Wasim as the best of their era
    Awesome - I can definitely walk you through some of the stuff over there. If you can access your account, send me a PM over there. My forum name's Dan.
    Hey mate, I was just wondering if you'd be interested in coming across to join CricSim as well as CW. At the moment there's a rugby sim going on, and CW has their own team in the competition - the Crabs. Quite a number of the guys on here post over there, and we have our own self-contained subforum to discuss all things CW and Crabs related. At the moment we're a couple of players short, and you're the kind of guy we'd love to have on board.

    If you're interested let me know :)
    Ah, sorry fella, you've just missed the start of a new round.

    With just the finals left I doubt very much we'll get another go in 2012.

    You're more than welcome to give it a lash next year tho.
    Hey Jager, here's the clause: Select a player who "bowled out" Donald Bradman at least once in Test Match.
    If I did I think Cribb would probably kill me. That Taibu's head one is hilarious though.
    I can make any ground you like. There are no grounds in the sim but I can customise things like the size/wear/bounce/turn etc
    Hi Jager. Here's a question for the Clause Draft: Select a batsman who has scored a century during the Melbourne Boxing Day Test Match.
    Hmm, I think there is a way to edit a poll, but I can't remember it.

    I'll close the old thread, and delete it in the morning when you've reposted it.
    Posh, rich and slightly cruel are probably the three characteristics one associates with old Etonians. Younger boys act as "fags" (unpaid servants, effectively) to older boys and are forced to suffer any number of privations at their senior pupils hands. One suspects some older boys treat their fags as "fags" in the American sense of the word.

    Of course this means that when anyone who's been a fag gets ascends to the senior years they treat their own fags horribly as a form of revenge.

    & no, I share a first name with Mr Steyn, the current #1 test bowler.
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