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  • Thanks for adding. I was hoping George Headley wouldn't get picked so I could have him, but I'm happy enough with my picks.
    Hi Jager. Bit confused about the scoring for the Clause Draft. Because I now have 7 votes (rather than 6) doesn't that make me outright third? Don't want to make a deal of it, but just wanted to clarify the scoring system.
    Hi Jager,

    I'll be away on hol's from Tuesday am to Friday evening. Do you mind sending me your mobile number so I can SMS my picks to you while I'm on the road? I'll take a list of possible players with me, make a relevant selection, and then you can tell me whether they've been taken or not. Obviously you will need to tell me when it's my turn in the first place.

    Thanks - watson
    You can do both these games too:

    WA vs Vic Ryobi Cup Match 28-9
    WA vs Vic Shield 30-9 to 3-10
    Mate, should join up the oz tipping prediction thread. I know you wanna do it..
    He's a very smart bloke, and he's been sorely missed since he left.

    What will be interesting is how this washes out, poll wise. Got a feeling it won't matter now, but would have a few months or a year ago. Get the feeling the work has turned. But we wait and see.
    From what I've read about wicketkeepers: Evans Oldfield, Tallon, Knott, & Engineer. In no particular order. If I had to choose one, it'd be Godfrey Evans as the best pure keeper ever.

    Jack Blackham deserves a mention as well, for making wicketkeeping the art it is today rather than simply the role of backstop. Similar to WG Grace in batting, hard to rank but incredibly influential.
    He mustn't have any mirrors at his joint. Says the party is no good but had influence in it for over 20 years.

    He and Gillard don't get on. He blocked her senate preselection in the 90s. He raises some good points, especially re Rudd's removal. But the winds have changed now. Be surprised if it causes a ripple now. May have a year ago.

    The dogs may bark, but the caravan moves on.
    - PJ Keating, November 2011.
    Have generated the Round 5/6 picking order for the Draft League. Hope that's okay.
    Sounds perfect. I'm moving back to Uni tomorrow so I'll email you some of the group games to post over the next few days and then by the time they're done I should be back up and running.
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