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  • Fwiw I love your stance on Moeen. I think too many people wrote his spin off after the Sri Lanka series
    Hi Pete

    I hope you don't mind if I pick your brain briefly - am toying with the idea of writing a feature about Mark Lathwell - I'm after a couple of things, first how he has made his living after retiring and second whether he still plays the game - I have established that he gave up the North Devon League in 2011, but then seems to have made something of a comeback (although possibly not for Braunton's firsts, and I can't work out by googling him if he is still playing - of course if you could get the bugger's contact details so I could ask him myself that would be the best result!

    We really need to stop liking all the same cricketers. i.e. stop copying me pls & thnx xox
    Just letting you know that I've accepted your pre-poll votes. Not going to mention it in-thread, otherwise everyone would probably do it.

    If you change your mind on any of them later on, drop me a VM and I'm more than happy to fix it up.
    Haha, yep. Will be very lucky to get out the group, but that's how the roll of the dice goes I guess.
    Agree on all counts. Should have been smarter and embraced having them both as each other's competition.

    Always wish Gerrard had wound up signing for Chelsea in 05 just to see what Mourinho would have done with them
    Too busy smashing around a spinner who's suffering from a life threatening elbow injury and winning the ashes to sing itbt.
    Hey, what's your favourite Christmas carol? You strike me as a 'The First Noel' fan but it wouldn't surprise me if you're a bit partial to 'We Three Kings' as well.
    Ok that's weird because I don't watch Peep Show yet recognised it. Must be a similar quote from somewhere else I'm thinking of.
    Lol yeah with the Twatto pic, the Kohli avatar and then whatever the hell Sledger posted, it is a fairly homoerotic page.

    Having said that the one thing I fapped over was your avatar.
    Yes you're right, looks like something I'd really enjoy. Nice one, will definitely be reading that in the not too distant future.
    Cool, am gonna have a crack at them, sounds like it will be worth it anyhow. Just a bit pissed off with American writers at the min which was my only doubt. And that's just a case of me tarring them all with the same brush but **** it, serves them right for being American
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