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  • Expecting you to kick start the conversation ****.

    But primarily that was my main reason, to see you hurt.
    I came here to read your VMs and stalk you, but I have just realised that it says who the recent visitors are on your page. So I am openly fessing up that I stalked you rather than you finding out that way.

    Good day to you.
    Nah **** you're kidding yourself if you describe yourself as prominent. Would be like saying Usman Khwaja is a prolific international run scorer or soccer is a mildly interesting sport - just blatant mistruths.

    I'm open to giving out likes but I've put everyone on the forum on ignore except you so you can see my problem. More than happy to be the person who you break your like virginity with though, so give into the temptation and have a look through my posts, I'm sure you'll find something that tickles your fancy.

    Kindest regards.

    PS. Sign off worked fine.
    Talented - yes. But they've both just bulked out soooooo much in the last 12 or so months.

    Turns out it was Craig - Back injury ends Craig Overton's Somerset season | North Devon Journal
    Yeah I can see the use in that, but now I ping stuff I fancy reading on there and it saves me having to remember. The recommendations feature is pretty cool too.
    I did realise a bit later yeah. Mixed up with dissention presumably??

    Good site that goodreads, only just discovered it
    haha well done. I've had Crook as captain for a few weeks so was pretty gutted when i realised he wasn't in the Northants team yesterday.
    Yes there aren't really any great bowling options around. Aren't too many who are gonna play week in week out in both formats - and then you have to worry about random lions or england callups. Got this week and then the t20 basically start up for a month with a couple of random rounds of 4 day cricket in between. No doubt Copeland was a beast. Very occasionally browse fiso. Just tend to follow all the counties on twitter and read their websites for stuff regarding fitness issues and squad selection.
    We're having a good battle in the fantasy cricket. Keep on climbing and I reckon we both finish top 250 or better. Last round of the super 8's league thing this week. Hoping I can pip you at the top with a win in our h2h battle. Good luck.
    I'd like to say how well liked you are, but I know that would make you uncomfortable, and I wouldn't want to do that because of how well liked you are.
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