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  • So you mentioned justified the other day

    I watched season one a few months back and it was decent, some eps very good (pilot was amazing) but no real flow

    Talked the wife into giving season 2 a go, on the second episode and again it's decent but it's not grabbing me the way people suggested it would

    Worth sticking with?
    The only reason anyone is interested in Grimes is because they know Max Power's heart is at the bottom of league two, his dad being a convicted hooligan and all, come on you ****ing whites, Micky Adams SWA, we're only in this league as a practical joke give it five years and nobody will believe it happened, like when Liverpool and Man U were in the second. Oh Birkenhead is wonderful
    It's okay now that we've got rid of the Exeter influence we're gonna be laffin. Lock us in for play offs tbh
    I really hope you're right. I'd love him to do well pretty much anywhere and give middle finger to our **** fans **** em
    i think Adams is a great appointment and in terms of this season will do better than Edwards would have done but long term who knows. I think it's too early. But at the same time he'd lost the fans and there was no coming back. It saddens me

    i know you don't care but as someone who knows what Edwards was all about I wanted to share that. I get flamed by fellow whites for liking him

    I a minority but was gutted we sacked rob tbh. Really think he would have turned things around. I believed in him and felt for once the club was looking to the future, not just March. I mean with Palios I think we are looking to the future so maybe it was the right decision, but I'm honestly gutted for the man. This could destroy his chances of getting another gig and I think if we hasn't had such a ****ed up last five years (basically since we appointed Barnes, minus the five months at the top of the league) the. He would have come in and made a difference. But apparently Palios wanted to bring in Dave Jones as a mentor for him and he said nah, and you know what that only makes me respect him more. He wanted to do it his way.
    Mate I don't want to ruin a perfectly fine thread. My original post was half serious, half in jest. So please take it as that. It's not disrespectful of Moeen Ali but a statement of better expectations from our batsmen. I have my view and you have yours. Cheers.
    I'm a bit hazy but tbh I'm sure people said similar about Fred for a good few years
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