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  • Yeah, in response to a nothing post. Which is why my response was a little bit tempered by bad-blood :p
    Oh well, all's good now.
    Not entirely sure I'll remember this come the morning though.
    Still, I'd rather be "Cornish" than be in Exeter... not that I visted your University on Tuesday or anything -.-
    Haha, you're gun.
    The conrish prick comment set me off though. Was involved in a row on msn, so seemed like a dig rather than banter. Apologies.

    Anyway, he is. But he's the best of a really, really, really bad bunch.
    Made up fella. Backs to the wall but when I realsied we'd both stayed up, well I was already chokcer full of joy about us but I had a smile for youj guys. Looking forwards to renewing rivalriews next seaosn
    haha, it is too easy indeed

    hoping the FA do the right thing tomorrow, 30 points off IMO
    ahh, doesn't really matter if you play trumpton, we'll have the points in the bag, only a russian linesman robbed us of a win today.....
    Tony Kay will help the whites a year after his departure

    We have Stockport that day. don't know if you've seen their results lately...
    skilful? must have missed that

    craig ****ing curran scored and had the better of you. i mean, what?

    btw why do you play in a southampton kit?
    isn't rugby more popular in cornwall anyway? we like football up here. whites ftw. we don't belong in division 4 and we aren't going there.
    you were beaten by a better team, get back to non-league where you belong imo
    please don't take it personally when i start really hating you in the lead-up to the 17th. squeaky bum time lad.
    I know what you mean, fella. It's like the Emperor's new clothes; I sometimes feel like I'm the only one who sees he's naked. Only instead of naked, he's a massive front bum.
    How do.

    He's just the latest in the long line of avatars of singers who I rate. Kenny's quality control is non-existant so he's done some utter cack, but when he's good he's very good. C&W on CW FTW!
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