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  • not at all mate - to receive positive feedback from a gnarled old veteran like your good self warms the ****les of me old ticker - I shall now go back to raising a glass to the memory of the wicked witch, and all those poor innocents who died in order to cement her place in history
    Yeah nothing says spawny like sticking four past some Cornish ****s

    Anyway how did you get advance notice of the cup draw
    I would be extremely worried if it was

    btw the whites are still going up
    I'm gonna vote for you in every round and give you gushing compliments, just to piss you off
    Just went to Fred's wall and saw a post from you, I know you didn't want sympathy but y'know, thoughts are with you and that fella.
    You couldn't possibly meet a bigger bell end itbt. And there's a few current posters who give that a fair nudge.

    I can't believe I read that thread, but a few people's true colours shone through there itbt. Not least yours you ****.

    Personal favourite of mine after you called for examples:

    "I can't say there is any example which comes immediately to mind, no. I won't retract the opinion, though, no, nor will I say it was a remotely spur-of-the-moment thought, because it wasn't."
    In an automatic promotion spot after paying everyone so it's a fact well go up tbh, can't argue with the stats
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