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  • I can pretend to be a fast bowler :D But honestly, I don't want to be addicted to another site :) Thanks for asking for my fast bowling services however, no one before did :D
    Guess, one addiction is enough :) Why do you guys use cricsim if it is almost entirely made of CW folks?
    haha. Someone said that the draft will be better off if someone withdrew :D I see you have already removed me from the draft order. Do you want me to ask for replacement?
    Hey, wanted to withdraw from the taboo draft. What do you suggest? Should I get a replacement?
    (Re: Taboo) So now, I am going to Pune :)

    For round 5, please pick the first available one from the following for me:
    1. Javed Miandad (batsman)
    2. Neil Harvey (batsman)
    3. Chris Cairns (all-rounder)
    4. Fazal Mahmood (Pacer)
    (Regarding your Taboo Draft) I am going for a trip to Goa, returning on Wednesday morning. In the meantime (for all rounds till I return), keep picking the first player available from the following list for me:

    1. Sunil Gavaskar (batsman)
    2. Leonard Hutton (batsman)
    3. Allan Border (batsman)
    4. Ken Barrington (batsman)
    5. Barry Richards (batsman)
    6. Clyde Walcott (batsman)
    7. Courtney Walsh (pacer)
    8. Joel Garner (pacer)
    9. Dale Steyn (pacer)
    10. Ray Lindwall (pacer)
    11. Waqar Younis (pacer)
    12. Anil Kumble (spinner)
    13. Derek Underwood (spinner)
    14. Kapil Dev (all-rounder)
    15. Trevor Goddard (all-rounder)
    16. Alan Knott (wicketkeeper)
    17. Farokh Engineer (wicketkeeper)
    I wasn't saying regenerate it. Just, if me and zaremba were the 21st and 22nd people then use an RNG to assign us a position between 1-22 and just slot us in there, would've been fair enough IMO. It's not like signups were open for long.
    Nah, I didn't cover anything. I was never pre-med. More of my classes were in the other sciences like Physics, Math, Chem, etc. Hadn't taken physio, biochem, etc, etc. The bio classes I did take were more general bio, not human phys (e.g evolution, morphology, etc). School is fine, it's obviously just an info overload, which is fine except I generally like to study slowly - meaning if I see something interesting, I'll look stuff up about it, study other related things, etc. I can't really do that obviously with the volume of med school so it's a little frustrating only being able to understand something at a surface level and not having time to dig a lot deeper. But it's not bad other than that. About what I expected.
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