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  • Damn it! I can't even go in there any more without my head hurting!

    Adjusted this, comparative that...standardised....
    Incidently Joe, Glenn Turner's ODI record is pretty impressive for his era.
    No worries Joe. i thought that it would be shame to see Gilchrist and Pietersen go to waste that's all.
    I am not only friend. I love you and will marry you always.Remember this always.
    If you limp out of the All Formats Draft at this stage, I'll tell everyone what you did to that sheep.
    Round 8 wouldn't be complete without your pick GI Joe. I don't think that you have selected anyone for that Round yet? Cheers - watson
    I guess Dravid was a reasonable choice as well. But I really don't think there is much of a difference between the two when it comes down to all-formats. Langer more capable of attack than Dravid, and anyways Dravid hated opening the batting, and I don't like putting players out of their comfort zone. It was done to him way too often during his career, Let;s let him have some peace now :)
    Yea, I don't really have a horse in this fight. I don't follow Indian politics closely enough. Being from Gujarat, I do think Modi is an asshole at the very least. Not a fan of Rahul Gandhi or Kejriwal either...sooooo....G.I. Joe for PM?
    Appreciate the advice mate. :)
    Thing is, self-deprecating humour is kinda my thing. Getting contradictory advice from many people, some telling me to be myself and others telling me to act serious and curb my natural humour (which isn't that funny tbh). Gotta find a middle ground I suppose
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