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  • Hey Joe, what's the story with the sheep? Will the results be released 2/3 at a time over the next few days? Or all this evening?
    Just sent a sheep email but my browser may have timed out - can you let me know if it got there?
    It is 18 DVDs and 50 episodes. I am almost sure the rip will be 25% or so, so 5 DVDs or so. Even if it is 18 DVDs, I am ready to pay say 500-1000 bucks for use of your time for burning the dvds. (Plus the bucks required to buy empty dvds of course) I really really want this series. Thanks a lot.
    Can you PLEEEEEEASE send me Bharat Ek Khoj by burning them on DVDs? It will be a huge favour. Which city do you live in?
    Found this piss funny site some time back. Check it out.

    Comics - Explosm.net
    Dwayne Bravo bowling KP out with a bouncer.

    YouTube - Cricket: Most bizarre dismissal ever
    The records will survive if you press the save button after simming the matches, and overwrite the tsd.ckt file. All the files need to be in the same folder.
    Got it now. Will sim 6 Tests, with an eventual play-off at #1 ground.

    However, don't have the ground data, and records don't survive either for some reason.
    Heya GI Joe - I guess you wanted me to look at the Speed Draft to pick my bowling line-up? Bit late now haha - I'm happy enough with the ordering you chose for me. :)
    Went for my last bowler instead. I've got 3 batsmen lined up for one slot, so pick all you want :)
    Hey mate it's your turn in the Draft, just noticed you in the Merchant thread.
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