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  • and one more thing, can i post something regarding "Fire in Babylon?" or has it been posted already?
    hi dear, it seems a huge task to dig out the posts of last 10 years or so to find out if there was something similar to what i am thinking right now was posted or not...i think it might be better to be a bit soft about this, i mean there are many things we can talk over, and we do change from time to time...
    Hi Four or Six, in all humility I don't think you should've close the latest thread because firstly it is playing into the hands of some who seem to want any discussion on the greatness of past players not to take place.
    Here's a different solution - if possible, ban the users [u[only from the thread[/u] who have continued to not heed to the warning. After all this is a web forum and locking a thread because few people are not interested in discussion robs the rest of us from discussing.
    I guess these 2 or 3 fellows will keep saying stuff to me immaterial of the thread or topic. We can't keep locking every thread, no?
    I hope you unlock the thread. But if you feel we shouldn't then just lemme know and I'll start a new thread about the same subject
    January I think, bleedin' ages

    I'll probably indulge in a bit of Oz-India over Xmas mind you
    Okay if that's your decision then that's fine but I have asked him before not to speak to me and this request has been ignored. I thought asking mods to step in might be best as it is better for the forum atmosphere, so to speak - I know it was done before with Richard and Voltman.

    See I will try to ignore him, but if he mentions me and its quoted, I will see it and I will respond. I know I could just not but nearly every post I've been infracted for has been spur of the moment. Just being honest :p
    I have reported a post from the poster "smalishah84" that takes a personal attack on me yet again even after warning from mods. Now I was told by the moderator "Fusion" that you guys will be doing something about this if I report these kind of stuff. I really could retaliate back but you guys told me not to do so I didn't because I don't wanna get an infraction. So would you please take action on this. I personally vmed "Fusion" about this but nothing has been done about it.
    Can you please go and see the kind of posts that BlazeDragon has been making? I don't think any infractions have been handed out to him despite continuous warnings being sent out to him and BD ignoring those warnings. Not only I was being insulted but so were other members. We were warned again by Fusion and now I have reported another post of him where he is being quite aggressive and insulting to other members. I expect that action will be taken.
    Hey, I know Bun is banned now, but obviously it's only a 7-dayer, so I was wondering if my request would still be discussed?
    Fair enough, but some of the replies he got recently or the posts he replied to were pretty borderline too with similar strict standards if we are talking about the last 20 or 25 posts. Thanks for the reply btw:)
    Was wondering any particular posts that Bun got infracted for that tipped him over the edge or a was it due to a pattern of posting?
    Looks like tomorrow will be good bowling weather. Can see it happening. Not sure what Dhoni will want to do should he win the toss...if they bowl first they might not get a bat until Saturday and then they're on a hiding to nothing. Should wrap it up comfortably but stranger things have happened.
    Ah that's cool, I overreacted anyway, I have a short fuse (not that anyone at this forum could ever have noticed that :/)

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