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  • UPLOADING IT RIGHT NOW!!! HOORAY! Absolutely awful decision, the ball didn't even hit the pad!
    Sorry sumantra, I forgot to reply to you. 'Ignoring moderator instructions' is the reason for the infraction, it means that moderators asked you not to do something and you carried on anyway. 'Expiring 13-10-2011' means that the infraction points will come off your profile on the 13th October. Does that answer your question?
    yup, i downloaded it in torrent recently...saw just a week ago...it gave answer to a very old question of mine, besides many others, that is, why collin croft didnt play many tests in spite of having a better strike rate than garner,holding or roberts...incredible film, really
    Loved it! I remember posting the rapidshare/mediafire download links on rsc and icf for it. On ICF they removed it because those are illegal ones. Ya think I should post them here for those who dont want to buy the dvd (like me :D).
    I've seen it 3 times maan ;) Growing up I could never make out how Dreenidge looked (I remember him wearing glasses) but in this movie I could finally make out how he actually looks. Same with Roberts, I thought the guy would like a bloody big ass bouncer but how the hell did he generate such paec with such a slender body I can't figure.
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