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  • hi, I'm g;i;joe. I;m wstd right niwm so forgive NY mistakjes. but you're prretty knoeledgable on all things crikcket relateed , so tyou'rte #1c in my boooks :)
    Nope, my mate got an email saying we had been unsuccessful. :(
    I have tix for the Bangladesh Test at Old Trafford and will probably see a Test in Birmingham as well I just really fancied a Lord's game this year, and also was hoping to catch the Aussies as well. Might see if there are tickets going for any of the other Australia one-dayers.
    haha oh yeah when i sent u a msg yesterdya i saw that i had sent you a couple before and been snubbed! :(

    still waiting to hear about whether we have tix or not for the lord's odi, worried i might have lost out in the ballot :(
    i hope u don't find my jestful 'come out for dinner' posts offensive at all, thought i best check, don't want you thinking i'm some kind of pest haha

    Being a pain :P and trying to get more people to sign up to CWXI. IMO (and of many others) one of the better parts of the forums. See here if you're interested :)
    Hi, we're having a live chat with Mat Sinclair right now - check it out - Mathew Sinclair Live Chat
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