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  • oh jeez........I didn't know I'd get infracted for that. The thought never even crossed my mind that I could be infracted since I have never gotten one. Fair enough though. I don't think I can complain.
    LOL. Well done to the lot of you for making a mess of the best forum around. ****ing disgraceful thread closure, I deliberately didn't throw mud at anyone or anything in there and spent ages writing that post.
    So now are you doing that mod thing where you ignore a question you don't have a decent answer for?
    The forum = part of the rest of the site. I was removed from my duties because my comments might have offended the Asian market. It's not up for discussion; I'm not saying any of you moderate like that as individuals (although I can think of at least one who DEFINITELY does) but that is how the site, forum et al, is ran as a whole.

    What about the rest of my post? Any good reason why you won't open this up for discussion? Dark day for CW if it remains locked.
    Obviously you didn't read it properly then as I used the Furball ban to illustrate my point; **** it, let me edit some of that **** out if it makes you happier?!

    And you seem to forget that before my angst at the bad moderation earlier in the year got me the axe, my job was to head up features and marketing for the site. And the key demographic that the site wishes to target is Asia! This is a fact.

    Why don't you re-open the thread? I'll edit my post. And see what happens.
    But it's NOT a thread about individual mod decisions. It's about the overall way the forum is moderated!! FFS. WHat does me emailing you achieve? Firstly I probably don't get a response, if I do it will be complete horse**** that patronises the **** out of me, like I'm some stupid kid, not a guy who has probably devoted more hours work to this site than 90% of the moderators.

    If you leave the thread open, then you get to see if other people see things the same way. And if they do, hey, maybe you guys need to discuss things. And if they don't - then hey, I go back into my hole and stfu.

    You leave it closed and it's just demonstrating that you guys are afraid of being criticised. What the **** is that about?
    You have got to be ****ing kidding me? That is an awful, awful lock. Did you even read the post? I was commenting on the moderating in general!! You told me when someone made posts about me using rohyphnol that you didn't want to censor yet you close this!!!

    Just let it run. If it gets out of hand, then close it!!!
    Haha, I've still got a few on ignore from the winter so it is an option I'm aware of and may have to resort to once again :)
    Just delete the ****ing comments eh? Is it that unreasonable a request? I mean, just
    Move the mouse, tick the box and hit "Delete".
    Bloke has been a member since back when australia was a decent team. It's a small favour he asks. Really, why do you even need to discuss it? Hardly a big thing to do is it?
    Well clearly my comment implied I will never be doing that. If you want to get rid of that too, be my guest.

    There shouldn't be anything to discuss, the comments should be culled. But whatever, obviously it needs a big mod discussion.

    Very disappointed, to say the least. Don't think I'm asking a lot here.
    Yeah I know it was a joke which is why I didn't make a big deal about it and go off at Joe.

    But someone could read it without understanding the forum dynamics and get completely the wrong idea.

    I've had posts deleted for making digs at moderators but you won't remove that? Why?
    Ah my mate was queueing there when it happened, haha

    Still, gave me plenty of time to visit the museum, which has changed since I was last there. Managed to sneak a couple of naughty photos too.
    really... really intriguing choice of action indeed.... no worries....
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