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  • I was disappointed to receive your warning. Firstly, I wasn't aware from your T&Cs that linking to a personal blog was not allowed. More importantly, I cannot see what harm it does. I start and contribute to a thread that summarises a post on my blog - a non-commercial hobby. The thread gets plenty of viewers and comments on the forum and my blog gets a few more visitors. No income is lost or customers lured away. The ICC and ECB have rightly been ridiculed for being so protective of their commercial rights that fans can't take cans of the wrong soft drink into matches. It feels like you are administering in a similar way. Please can you explain why you don't allow links to personal, non-commercial blogs. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Haha, I don't think you're likely to see another batting collapse. The Abu Dhabi pitch is usually flatter so I would expect a high scoring draw personally. This should allow your lads to build confidence and have some extended practice against Ajmal.
    Haha, nah you had a right to be confident. Also, it's only been one day. This is Pakistan after all. You could still defeat us by a massive margin in this Test! I do reserve the right to rub it in if that doesn't happen though! :p
    And I wonder what sledger's comments are intended to do?? Do you honestly think a rolleyes is innocuous? Or his constant following around of smalishah is harmless??

    Good for you that you're friends with him. Moderate objectively though.
    Nice to see my comedic abilities are appreciated ;)

    I notice you're getting a bit of a spew on your VM wall presently. Feel that it's probably my fault as well, sorry, should perhaps have emailed.
    Yeah, fair shout. Like you say, stupidity isn't really in anyone's interests. Will retract the "dickhead" comment as well, probably the most expedient thing to do.

    And RE: the email. Pickup emailed back saying he thought it was funny ;)
    Well it's clear you and the other mods are refusing to take action against the person causing the problems, so someone has to point them out.

    I've tried everything from reporting without replying to the trolling, to telling him to pull his head in.

    There have been numerous people who have had a problem with him since his return, yet you fail to click as to why this is? If you come back from a large ban you should be on a short leash, not allowed to have free reign to provoke people.

    If you want I could show you upwards of 20 posts where he has provoked people when it's unnecessary.

    Yeah, ok, will concede that was a stupid thing to say. Won't happen again. Provided all parties play by the same rules.
    You need to stop protecting him, buddy.

    If he attempts to bring the forum atmosphere down by posting ****ing pointless rolleyes emoticons just to try and provoke someone into an argument that's not there, I will call him on it.

    I have not once started anything. Actually read the posts for once. Do you think I just enjoy going around arguing?

    I will ask again, how is what he is posting now any different to what he was doing prior to being banned? For some reason you want to blame everyone else instead of going to the root of the problem. OPEN YOUR EYES. I can't believe you allowed him to address me as 'dickhead' and have the audacity to chastise me on my behaviour.

    Obviously my reports aren't working, so I'll just have to take matters into my own hands will I?
    I'll do my best. But you'll notice that I haven't made any comments in his direction without being prior provoked. Similarly I haven't quoted any of his posts or addressed him directly at all.

    I'm perfectly happy to stay out of his way, and I've made that clear repeatedly. However, if bait is dangled out in front of me then I'll bite on it. He knows this, the mods know this, and I know this, which is why I'm asking for something to be done about it and for him to cut it out. I actually enjoy posting here, I'd rather get on with it than be drawn into facile bickering with him.
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