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  • I noticed you commented what you'd seen in the Pakistan v South Africa game. Is it on any form of UK tv, or where you watching it on another form of tv?
    Really sorry to hear about your brother. :(

    Is there a possibility of continuous treatment via machines without having a liver transplant (similar to dialysis for kidney)?
    What's happened to your lot, plummeting down the table it seems? From what I heard you looked a good side against us earlier in the season.
    Hey, hows it going? Just wanted to ask you how everything is with your family (hope you don't mind me asking)? Best wishes :)
    You taking part in the division 3 thread mate? Gonna try and sort it all pretty soon, but with the mighty whites away to your lot on Saturday I wanted to check if you were in
    Ah mate sorry to read how grim things are for you at the min. Hope they pick up.
    Glad to hear he's getting there mate. Good to have you back.

    Even if you're a Pom. :-p
    Hey mate, good to see you pop back on the forum. Hope things are getting better for you.

    Look after yourself, yeah?
    Hi, I was just going over the match thread and I am really sorry to hear about your nan and brother. Hope your brother recovers. Best Wishes.
    Cool cool, was just wondering because I read your post in the footy thread and had no idea who the "we" in your post was.

    CricketWeb is weird, so many posters who support small English teams. Premiership seems to be really under-represented for some reason.
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