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  • Hello!

    I re-opened my movie characters tournament today , so come and vote for your favorites...
    It's 3 Round now, so this is Invite to voting , this time I will finish job..

    See ya..
    Thanks for the info on the Irish Gold Cup..though you will know it was withdrawn. Was a good day out though..I'm sure you'll have been if you're a follower of horse racing .
    Hi, just to let you know that Adders, wiff and I have opened the donations page towards contributing to the Cricket Web banners that are being produced for Phil Hughes and Sean Abbott. We're leaving you a message as you mentioned that you may be interested in contributing. Please check out the original thread in Cricket Chat for details. Many thanks.
    Thanks for the info, was on my travels though. I will keep an eye out for that this season.

    Good win for your lot tonight.
    Gambhiring figures:-

    Fertang 1-17
    Flibberty 9-43

    This may suggest the white rose has stuffed the red, but don't forget I started it!
    You say you have moved on and ignore me yet continually reply.

    Issues I think. Hope you have a great christmas/new year.
    Oh, clearly I got it wrong and what I was meant to say
    "You're right, I wouldn't say it in person as I'm a keyboard warrior who's a bit of a coward and your indirect threat of physical violence has me quaking in my boots. I'll be sure to do all I can to appease you while on the forum"
    Bore off
    I can't say I've got an accurate record of what you've posted and when you've posted to hand right now.
    It wasn't about a disagreement, it was your accusation that I was chatting 'bollocks' and was somehow being parochial and/or biased.
    I probably would say it to your face to be fair, I'm not exactly backwards in coming forwards. Nor am I a quiet and shy, retiring wall flower. But you act the hard man, that's absolutely fine. I'm sure in your own mind you genuinely believe I'd be too intimidated.
    I had moved on, I put you on ignore and was done with it; it's you that come crawling onto my profile to continue it.
    Mentioning other stuff? All I said is that in the past you've tried excusing your posting because of stuff going on in your life - to be frank, I don't care. Yeah, I'm sorry to hear that but rather than coming on here and spouting ****, turn off the computer and do something else and spare us having to read it.

    You'd have a point if I was belittling whatever issues you've had but I'm patently not doing that. I don't know what they are, I don't want to know and thus I won't and haven't commented on them specifically.

    I don't really care what you think about me but the fact you're struggling to grasp the difference between me actually 'dragging up other stuff' and what I did, is going some way to proving my initial point.
    Unless me mentioning something you've mentioned is a sensitive issue.

    Joyeux Noël
    Dragging up other stuff? I didn't comment on whatever you have going on in your life, it's of no interest to me and frankly nothing to do with me even if it was.
    I just made some assertions about your posting
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