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  • Thanks vogue, appreciate it. London has become home and we are pretty set with friends/work etc sp yeah, want to stay, even if Boris et al seem intent on ruining the joint.
    No worries. No offence taken at all. Treat my posts as having a tinge of sarcasm, frivolousness and an attempt at occasional wit.
    Sorry chuck, I'm not going to be much help on this. I'm very much a Catholic only in name - I don't tend to go to church (unless my grandma wants a lift, and even then its only because she wants a free taxi to bingo after!). So yeah, not really in touch with the organized side of religion at all
    Gaming no I haven’t thought about that. Why Him? Is funny and Best Night Ever if you’re looking for some movies.
    Thanks! Just got the visa approved today so booking flights ASAP! Wife is already over in Greece so meeting here there. Very exciting times, can't wait to get there.
    Hi, no I never went this year and yes there is usually some really amazing outfits. I have been going to gigs instead. So how’s things?
    Thank you, well keep on dancing :)
    No don’t worry about it, just me being fussy and I hope that no offence was taken.
    Hey Vogue, thanks for the message. Nah I'm fairly fixed on not posting now until the series is finished.....I'll still post in other areas of the forum though. I figure that if an online forum starts to piss you off it's time to take a bit of a break LOL First time I've ever felt like that on CW, so I'm sure I'll be back into after the Ashes when everyone has cooled their jets a bit!!

    Thanks, he was a great friend and companion. I know it was the kindest thing to do but it doesn't make it any easier to take.
    Thinking a small break is needed...hate the feeling you get when you're nearly the last to leave a party and you're looking like you have outstayed your welcome....not that person,so will take myself off to do a little travelling and dreaming xx
    I can only imagine!

    Yes thanks, not a lot new! Enjoying the last of the sun...

    And yourself?
    Hi Vogue, let me know which ones and I can delete them :)
    If you'd rather tell me which ones privately, feel free to email me at cricketweb @ gmail.com (remove the spaces)
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