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Thread: 2010 World Cup Tipping Comp

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    Germany 3-1 Uruguay
    Spain 2-0 Holland
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    Germany 3-1 Uruguay
    Spain 1-2 Holland

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    Gone too soon
    Netherlands 2 Spain 1

    Reminders also to ripper, chalky & Pothas.
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    Holland 0 - Spain 0 - Dutchies on pens

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    Spain 2 v 0 Holland

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    Aug 2005
    Spain 2 Holland 0

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    Englishman BoyBrumby's Avatar
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    Gone too soon

    Final update

    Housekeeping bit: No tips for the German win from chalky, Pothas or ripper, but as everyone else tipped Jerry the round's lowest is a 1, which they all pick up.

    Germany by one wasn't a popular prediction, but dav & tozz pick up 2s (SKD's extra being absolutely crucial, but more of that later) and Straw Man gets all 3 for the 3-2 win.

    Spain winning 1-0 was quite a popular shout,and along with dav and tozz, Noble One, Matteh, Ausage, Meridio, fred & Somers pick up big 10s for calling it.


    SKD 12
    altoz 12
    Ausage 11
    Noble One 11
    Matteh 11
    Meridio 11
    Fred 11
    Somers 11
    SS 8
    Clapo 8
    Vimes 8
    Adam 8
    Faaip 6
    Days of Grace 6
    Pothas 6
    chalky 6
    Straw Man -2
    ripper -4
    marc -4
    Steulen -4
    Marcuss -4
    bi -4
    GIMH -4
    fatt -4
    Brumby -4
    pasag -4

    Final round bonuses of .02 to tozz & dav. &, in a more thrilling finish than the actual tournament got, SKD's 12 point haul draws him level on 58 with Pothas, but the former's extra bonuses give him the title by the narrowest of margins. Couldn't have been closer, Brian! Fair play to both and kudos to Pothas for not just replicating dav's prediction to ensure he won.

    Matteh rounds out the medals in 3rd and Somers's 11 on the last day means he pips Faaip for 4th.

    Thanks to all who took part and especially those who stuck with it to the bitter end.


    1) SKD 58.08
    2) Pothas 58.03
    3) Matteh 55.01
    4) Somers 48.02
    5) Faaip 44.01
    6) Vimes 43.03
    7) Adam 41.02
    8) Meridio 40.03
    9) Noble One 38.03
    10) Clapo 37.01
    11) Days of Grace 33.01
    12) Brumby 29
    =13) SS 27.02
    =13) GIMH 27.02
    15) altoz 26.03
    16) Steulen 26.02
    17) Marcuss 23
    18) Straw Man 22.02
    19) Fred 22.01
    =20) Ausage 21.02
    =20) chalky 21.02
    22) fatt 18.03
    23) marc 10
    24) bi 8.01
    25) ripper -7.99
    26) pasag -9

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    Eternal Optimist / Cricket Web Staff Member GIMH's Avatar
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    Level with SS, ugh

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    Above you
    Could be worse

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    Cricket Web Content Updater alternative's Avatar
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    Sydney, Australia
    Nice jump with 12 points there.

    Anyway BB, thanks for running the comp. Nicely done.
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    Ouch, I sucked.
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    Cricket Web Staff Member Burgey's Avatar
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    The Castle
    Sorry I faded out of this, my direness was too great for me to continue.
    But thanks to Brumbers for running it all the same.
    WWCC - Loyaulte Mi Lie

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    I'll show ye!!
    Top job Brumby.
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    in the wind, so to speak
    Disappointing finish cost me a few places but pretty happy with seventh considering I was last at one point. Cheers for running it Brumby.
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    Aug 2005
    Not tipping the 3/4th play off really cost me but well done SKD got the final right so deserves it.

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