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2010 World Cup Tipping Comp


Semi-Final Update

Admin bit: pasag joins us on the lowest actual score (ripper's -4) minus one.

Everyone bar Ausage called the Dutch win, with quite a few picking up 5s for the one goal margin.

The Spanish victory was only called by a select few, with Sam Vimes bagging a big 7 for the one-nil score called on the head.


Vimes 12
Pothas 9
Faaip 9
Clapo 8
Matteh 1
Meridio 1
Fred 1
Straw Man 1
altoz 1
Brumby 1
chalky 1
Somers 1
ripper 0
Adam 0
marc 0
Steulen 0
Marcuss 0
bi 0
SS 0
fatt 0
Noble One 0
Days of Grace 0
pasag 0
Ausage -8

The round bonus of .02 goes to Norway then. His 12 point hauls see him climb all the way from 15th to 6th.

Pothas correctly calls the German loss to move above dav into the top spot. Other upward movers are Faaip up to 4th and Clapo up to 12th. Ausage's -8 means he slips to 20th.


1) Pothas 52.03
2) SKD 46.06
3) Matteh 44.01
4) Faaip 38.01
5) Somers 37.02
6) Vimes 35.03
7) Adam 33.02
8) Brumby 33
9) GIMH 31.02
10) Steulen 30.02
11) Meridio 29.03
12) Clapo 29.01
13) Noble One 27.03
14) Days of Grace 27.01
15) Marcuss 27
16) Straw Man 24.02
17) fatt 22.03
18) SS 19.02
19) chalky 15.02
20) Ausage 14.02
21) altoz 14.01
22) marc 14
23) bi 12.01
24) Fred 11.01
25) ripper -3.99
26) pasag -5


Scoring changes for 3rd place play-off & final plus fixtures

I consider the 3rd place play-off a glorified friendly, so the points on offer for it are the same as the first round fixtures:

- A correct outcome scores 1 point

- A correct margin of victory scores 2 points

- A spot-on scoreline scores 3 points

- An incorrect prediction scores -1 point

However, the big one has big points on offer:

- A correct outcome scores 5 points

- A correct margin of victory scores 7 points

- A spot-on scoreline scores 10 points

- An incorrect prediction scores -5 points

As with the semis, only two games so no daily bonus on offer, but a bonus covering both worth .02.


3rd Place Play-Off

Saturday 10 July

Germany v Uruguay


Sunday 11 July

Netherlands v Spain


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Haha, been tipping a Spain-Holland final since about 6.30 a.m. today myself..


Cricketer Of The Year
Not worth taking the gamble and losing a stack of places so I'll tip safely:

Germany 1-0 Uruguay

Netherlands 0-1 Spain