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  • Hey mate, haven't seen you posting in a while. Hope its not because of those posts accusing you of racism, because they were extremely dumb.
    Heh. I spend far too much time on that thing. I show restraint until I’ve had a drink...
    Suspect the NAP subbie will have some extra spice in the months ahead...
    Hey mate, hope you're well. A couple of things:

    1. Is there a better way for to contact you than your CW VMs? I'm open to a Facebook add if that's something you use and are comfortable giving out to random online libertarian cricket forumers - I have a great cross-section of people who fit only one of those categories - but obviously no pressure there. Email or WhatsApp etc would preferable to this character-limited thing otherwise too, so let me know if you have any ideas/preferences.

    2. Apparently I can get people sizeable discounts for Friedman on account of my VIP status (ie. I bought an expensive ticket and know the organiser), so if you're still interested in attending any of that in May, let me know.
    This Christchurch thing reminds me of Brevik, but I didn't want to say it in the thread, it's bad enough just what we know for now.
    Nah I've moved to Tea Gardens which is 2-3 hours north, so middle of nowhere basically haha. I still have a bunch of family in Sydney so I'm there semi regularly for weddings, birthdays etc though (I usually stay with my grandmother in Beecroft for entire weekends when I'm there). I've actually just got back from there but I'll let you know next time I'm there and have some time free.

    Re: Friedman, I think you can actually get day passes to just one of the days if you dig around on the site. Or you could in previous years anyway.
    Yeah I love it. I even go interstate for them now. Plus you could meet me there which would obviously be worth it. ;)
    I was going to ask in the JP thread but thought you might be able to give a better answer one on one, I hadn't thought of the character limit. My bad.

    But yeah that largely matches my criticism of him - that he just rarely said anything that I found particularly interesting or groundbreaking, not necessarily that he was wrong about much. I just didn't get the fascination, so I figured that I might just have already been in a place where he wasn't useful to my journey and that he might be more interesting to people just starting a similar journey - maybe you've reached a similar place now?

    I haven't read Day's book but it surprises me that his criticisms were similar; I got the impression that his argument was more than JP was some kind of Satanic liar, acting as controlled opposition. James Fox Higgins' Facebook feed has been where I've got most of my exposure to conversations about Vox's book though, and James can be a tad more hyperbolic in written form than he is on YT.
    Yeah an audio version would be worth your time I reckon if that’s the best you’ll get

    Not listened to that episode yet so nice one...

    How is the little one btw?
    Fair enough mate, really glad to hear everything is going well. Let me know if and when you're free and we'll try to catch up for a sherbet.
    Hey mate, you've been pretty quiet lately, understandably. How are things? Hope all is well with the family.
    Haha, actually I'd say that my Eve experience socially has been one of the least toxic I've ever been in (in, say, the LoL/DotA sense), the playbase is just extremely and proudly anti-PC. Genuinely toxic people tend to get purged and blacklisted from anywhere decent.
    It's actually F2P (in a limited sense) now if you were ever interested in trying it again.
    Haha, if you never got out of highsec I'm not surprised. Highsec Eve is some of the most boring gameplay in existence. The social/market side is great and completely unique though, and there's tons of support to get new players into nullsec quickly. Very un-PC though :ph34r:
    Haha I could probably get him to make a "Debates with Straw Man" episode specifically about that thread here if I was really nice (and/or paid him for it -- FEE paid him to make some videos for them recently too).
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