Cricket Life 07 Features – Set 1

Cricket Life 2007

Gamebience have released the first set of features for their upcoming cricket game, Cricket Life 2007.

Tournaments and teams

  • There are 10 user-playable countries in the game.

  • Each country has all major domestic teams

  • The user will be able to choose one of the players available from the domestic team and lead him into the international team or create his own player.

  • The difficulty of the game will be inversely proportional to the ranking of the player. It will be easier to play as a top-ranking international player but more difficult to play as a domestic start-up player.

  • The following number of tournaments are guaranteed to be available in the game for each country:

    England: 4
    Australia: 5
    India: 6
    Pakistan: 5
    New Zealand: 3
    South Africa: 3
    Sri Lanka: 3
    West Indies: 3
    Bangladesh: 2

    Fictional Governing Body: its tournaments

    There is a fictional Cricket governing body in the game named Fictional International Cricket Organization (FICO).

    The following international tournaments are available in the game that are overseen by FICO:

  • World Championships

  • U-19 World Championships

  • 20 over championships

  • Mini world cup

  • Asian Trophy

  • African-Asian Championship

    In-game awards

  • The FICO international cricket awards are held every game year. If the user player is a captain of his international team, he gets a right to vote for each of the nomination categories.

  • There are also domestic awards for each country that are not only for international players but also for domestic players. There are various categories of awards.

  • Winning an award adds to the morale of the player and boosts PR level that will be useful for getting lucrative sponsorship offers.

  • Winning International awards significantly boost PR effect compared to winning domestic awards.

    Software Development Kits: Modding experience enhanced
    Gamebience is committed to enhance gaming experience. For the first time, we are giving an opportunity for the modding community to seriously take part in the game and decide what they want and what they do not want in the game by releasing a Software Development kit for modules that we think will be appropriate to hand over to the community.

  • An SDK will be released shortly after the release of the game that will allow experienced modders to modify the rules of the existing tournaments and as well as add completely new tournaments using the Software Development Kit.

    Using the SDK, any modder who knows basic C/C++ language will be able to create/modify tournaments in the game without any difficulty.

  • The in-game awards system is also be modifiable. More in-game awards can be created, categories can be added or modified.

    Next feature set on Monday, 4th September 2006 – Overview of the game, various key factors of the player and how they influence the game, overview on the Player Evolution system.

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