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Cricket Fans Kept Awake by World

Cricket Fans Kept Awake by World

The world’s strongest coffee has been brewed to keep English cricket fans awake for the upcoming Ashes series in Australia. With the first Test being 10 hours ahead of GMT the first ball is not due to be bowled until at least midnight tomorrow (Wednesday).

The unique drink – named Full Length – combines 90 per cent Papua New Guinea Robusta with 10 per cent Honduras La Central Arabica beans to produce the world’s strongest coffee. It has taken Youri Vlag, one of the country’s top baristas, five weeks to source and blend the beans, which come with a strict health warning of only drinking one cup per day.

Betfair, the online betting exchange, is distributing free packs of the beans to cricket fans to help keep them awake for all-night cricket sessions. An average cup of the super strength coffee delivers a 460mg kick of caffeine – six times the amount of a cup of concentrated caffeinated espresso. The coffee has been lightly roasted and finely ground to further increase the caffeine content.

Andy Lulham of Betafir comments:

“We wanted to ensure cricket fans can watch England take on the Australians in the Ashes live – as it should be – regardless of the time difference. The Full Length blend will keep spectators wide-eyed so they will not miss a ball, but we cannot guarantee they will turn up for work on time the next day.”

The coffee will be given out to London commuters for free from tomorrow (Wednesday), and also available direct from the Betfair website or via

To win the Ashes 2010 Betfair bet: 11-10 Australia, 2-1 England, 5-1 Draw

To win the First Test Match Betfair bet: 6-5 Australia, 12-5 England, 11-4 Draw

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