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A Crude Mix of Excitement and Pessimism

Cricket Ireland

Like every other Irish cricket fan, us beating Pakistan on St Patrick’s Day four years ago was the highlight of my cricket-following life. Even when I see the footage now I struggle to believe it’s actually going to happen. I’m still thinking, “ha, it’s starting to get a bit hairy for Pakistan” or “we’re putting up a decent show here”. Actually winning wasn’t even a possibility until Trent Johnston hit the final six, which I was sure would fly down a fielder’s throat…


Title Contenders?

MS Dhoni

How strong really is this Indian squad, and do they have the goods to deliver on the ultimate stage? We do a brief preview of each member of this Indian squad.


Cricket Web Forum World Cup


Do you want your chance to play in the Cricket World Cup? At the Cricket Web forums, one of the moderation team is running a simulated competition for forum members. All is explained here.


Dead Rubber World Cup

Cricket World Cup 2011 Logo

With just a few days to go before the start of the tenth World Cup we cannot pin-point a favourite as yet. With the tedious long-drawn format this is as open as it could be. The format starts off with a week of warm-up matches (just a hit and giggle contest) before the tournament officially begins. However the league format is nothing but an extended
warm-up with no real sense of serving any purpose. 42 meaningless games over a period of 30 days which have no bearing on the knock-outs followed by a crammed seven knock-out games to decide the winner. In effect the format takes 42 games to eliminate six weak teams and uses just the knock out games to determine the winner.


World Cups and Champions Trophies

Clive Lloyd

World Cup
England, 1975
In the first edition of the ICC cricket world cup, the ‘Black Cat’ and his men were unstoppable. In fact, it was Clive Lloyd, whose counter-attacking 102 off 85 balls set West Indies on the way in the final to 291 in 60 overs. A young Viv Richards scored three run-outs to derail the Australian retort and the West Indies won by seventeen runs to win the first World Cup.