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Top 5 Tips for Betting on a Cricket


Did you know that cricket rivals football in popularity, and is only slightly inferior to it? This national English sport is especially popular at home, as well as in the former English colonies: India, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and others. On cricket, like any other sport, fans place bets. Cricket betting is as easy as betting on other sports. Moreover, a legal casino rewards VIP clients with a wide range of betting offers. So, everyone can find an event to their liking. Here are our top 5 tips for profitable cricket bets.


A Quick Guide to Test Cricket


Casual cricket fans might have noticed that there is a small difference between some of the different types of cricket we see being played at the professional level. While there are many different leagues and tournaments out there, it is often Test cricket that comes out as being the most prestigious. Let’s take a closer look at what Test cricket entails.


Cricket Australia Assesses Situation in Adelaide


Many major sports events from all around the world were affected by the COVID 19 pandemic this year. In March, many of these events had to hit the pause button as the rise of COVID cases worldwide was happening. Sports like football, basketball, and cricket were affected. Many fans were surprised but many are also relieved since the cancelation and postponement of these events were for everyone’s safety anyway.


A Brief History of Cricket Around the World


It is believed that cricket began in England as far back as the 1300’s although there is no documented evidence of this. It is believed it would have been invented and played by children living in the Weald, an area in South-East England made up of dense woodland and open clearings.


Best Tips On Following Live Scores in Cricket


The rapid advance of technology has changed the face of cricket more in the last decade than it has at any point of time since the game was first played. Back in the day, when Test cricket was the only format of the game played at the international level, it was difficult to keep in touch with action and the scores from around the world.


Four Of The Best Freddie Flintoff England Moments


There aren’t many cricketers that have been able to ensure international investment in the sport, but Freddie Flintoff broke that mould. Flintoff made for must-see action, as he was a star that everybody would be talking about after an England fixture. Even those that weren’t huge cricket fans would tune in to see what Flintoff is doing, and he played a huge role in the popularity of the sport increasing in the 2000s.


Beginner’s Guide to Betting on Cricket


Cricket dates as far back as the 18th century and is considered one of the oldest sports still in operation in a league. If you’re a fan of the sport and you’re interested in betting on it, you can use our blog post as a helpful resource. In this guide, we will guide you through the information you’ll need to grow your betting strategy to maximize your potential gains.


Cricket sportsbooks: review these three features right away


Betting on cricket can be both fun and profitable and picking the right sportsbook is at least half the reason why. Fans have access to a plethora of books both new and old. These books compete against each other offering all kinds of perks and promotions. But how do you tell exactly if a sportsbook will be good for betting on cricket?