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Get on with the game please


Being on Ricky Ponting’s side is not an experience I expected to have this winter, but after what I heard this morning and have been reading in the course of the day, he has my sympathy


Hot or Not?


A look at the 24 players who have featured in the 2010-11 Ashes so far, and the level of their performances thus far.


#Ashes on Twitter


In the wake of England’s thumping victory over Australia in Adelaide, I decided to head over to Twitter to see what the tweeting part of the cricket community thought about the monumental triumph. Because we’re so kind here at Ashes HQ, I’ve decided to share a few.


The swagger is back!


Pietersen showed all his famous traits during his innings, and indeed Test best score, of 227 at Adelaide in the latest Ashes Test. The confidence he talked about in the summer time that had ebbed away was back in full force as he shimmied across his stumps and flicked the ball effortlessly through his favourite mid wicket area. Perhaps the only thing missing from this innings was an outrageous switch hit, but KP had plenty of other scoring options without taking unnecessary risks.


Johnson’s Axing Boosts England


It’s a good job the first two tests are back-to-back as cricket message boards across the web were chocker full of over-analysis in the aftermath of Monday’s drawn test. Most of the discussion, in particular in Cricket Web’s Ashes Forum, centred around wondering which side had the momentum following the game. Was it England after easing their way to 517-1, was it Australia after showing they could get England out cheaply, or indeed after Ponting’s impressive innings in the dying overs? Valid points can be made either way so we won’t dwell; if you haven’t got an opinion on that it’s probably for the best, and in a few hours time it won’t matter anyway.


Trescothick picks Mongoose as new opening partner


Mongoose Cricket today announced the signing of one of the country’s most prolific opening batsmen, Marcus Trescothick. The former England international and Somerset captain demonstrated his enhanced destruction with the award winning short blade Mongoose MMi3 bat, at a unique launch event at Bay Sixty6 Skate Park in West London.