Ask The Spider #50

What’s the oldest ever Test line-up?

In the match between West Indies and England commencing 3 Apr 1930, the average age of the England team was almost 37, including two players over 50 (Wilfred Rhodes and George Gunn) and three others over 40. Andy Sandham, who made his highest score of 325, was a sprightly 39!

Who was the first batsman to score two centuries on his FC debut?

Australia’s Arthur Morris was the first to achieve this, making his debut in the New South Wales vs Queensland in 1940-41.

Who took most first-class wickets on a tour of England?

Australia’s Charles Turner took an incredible 283 wickets at 11.68 in 1888.

In the match between Australia and Sri Lanka at the Gabba in 2007, all five Australian bowlers took the same number of wickets in each innings – has this ever happened before in Tests?

Yes, and once again it was Australia who achieved this, in their match against South Africa at Adelaide in 1932.

When was the first declaration in Test cricket?

This occured during the Ashes Test at Lord’s in 1893

What’s the most number of wickets where both teams had only two bowlers combine for the total?

Two bowlers on each side have combined for at least 18 wickets on two occasions, both Ashes Tests. The first was at the SCG in 1888, and the second at the MCG in 1902.

Which Test opener has had most partners?

India’s Sunil Gavaskar had 19 partners in his long and storied career.

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