Tendulkar – Cup is our dream

Legendary Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar has revealed that his dream and the dream of his side is to win the 2007 World Cup, staring on the 13th of March.

“To be honest, to play well and win the World Cup is our long cherished dream. Not only mine, but it’s the team’s dream,” he said.

“I have to admit the huge stage motivates me to showcase my talent.”

“No one can deny the importance of an event that comes once in four years. The best will play against the best. That’s something which excites any player. I, too, am ready for the challenge.”

Tendulkar believes this is the right side that can take India to World Cup glory for the first time since 1983.

“This Indian side is giving me a very good feel,” he said.

“Getting the right momentum will be a crucial factor. The team which can adapt to the wickets quickly will go ahead in the race.”

The World Cup will be the last for Tendulkar, who is currently the highest ever run scorer in one-day internationals, amassing nearly 15,000 runs in his amazing 381 match career.

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