Murali has more tests

In order to convince doubting crowds in Australia, Muttiah Muralitharan has undergone another round of tests on his action at the University of Western Australia.

The reason Muralitharan gave for returning to the University for yet more tests on his controversial action was that crowds had been shouting “no-ball” from the boundary when he was bowling in recent VB Series matches, and he wanted to convince the crowds once and for all that his action is legitimate.

Another reason for the tests is that recent media reports had suggested that his action was once again in doubt, as he was bowling some of his deliveries slightly faster than he has in the past.

The tests once again proved that the off-spinner’s action is legal, with all of his deliveries being under the 15 degree elbow extension mark.

The crowds’ doubt of his action’s legitmacy has obviously got to the normally mild-mannered Muralitharan, who was yesterday reprimanded for a gesture towards a man in the stands at the WACA who had “no-ball” painted across his chest during the match between Sri Lanka and South Africa on Tuesday.

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