Jones to commentate again

Former Australian test cricketer Dean Jones has found new employment as a television cricket commentator, following his high profile sacking for referring to Muslim player Hashim Amla as a “terrorist” on air.

It was widely expected that Jones’ commentating career was over after the controversial remark, but he claims to have recieved several offers from Indian television networks to commentate next year. Jones also said that he was offered a position as a commentator in the ICC Champions Trophy next month, but was forced to refuse it due to prior commitments in Australia.

Jones offered an immediate apology after the incident, and said that he has spoken personally to Amla on many occasions and that there is no animosity between the two. Jones also said that he was not racist and it was merely an unfortunate joke that was not meant to be heard on the air. He hopes to put the episode behind him and continue with his career in the media.

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