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Gale back in full season training

We have just started back in full time training. The first day back holds a gruesome fitness test that all the boys dread. The bleep test is always the last test on the list and the one that we all love to hate, it usually brings at least one of the lads to sickness!!! Other tests include jump tests, sprint tests, agility tests and strength tests. From a personal point of view my fitness is of a decent standard, I have trained for at least four times a week since November so all the training will stand me in good stead for the gruelling season that lies ahead.

There is a little bit of uncertainty at Yorkshire at the moment, which lies around the signing of Rana Ul-Naved. Rana signed for us back in September before he badly injured his shoulder playing for the champions Sussex. His injury meant that he wouldn’t be available from the start of the season but he would join us mid season when he was fully fit. He has now signed for the ICL for the for coming April which is the rebel cricket league. Personally I don?t fully understand how the ICL and the IPL work, but all I do know is Rana was somebody who I have played against a lot in league and county cricket and I rate him very highly. I hope the matter is solved soon and Rana will forfill his contract with Yorkshire as I think he would be a great asset to our bowling attack.

Next week the whole squad will travel to Dubai for our pre-season tour. This is the first one we have had for six years so all the lads are really looking forward to it. We play four games out there against Lancashire, Somerset, Sussex and the U.A.E.

I think pre season tours are an excellent thing for clubs to do. It doesn?t matter how many nets you have nothing replicates the emotions and pressure you feel in the heat on the battle in a game situation. Personally I am looking for a few runs to give me some confidence to get a good start to the season.

I hope all the readers are enjoying the pieces and I will speak to you all again before the start of the season.

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