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So Basically you think Gayle and Pollard were not wrong to opt out of playing for the west indies previously to play t20 competitions around the world?

And it would be fine if before the ashes many players retire and decide to play the IPL?

Let alone that if,in fact if the English players this season miss practice games /Training camp etc.. before the srilanka tour to England there will be a big uproar.
Eoin Morgan has already started to be blamed in some sections ,as he is not playing first class cricket when he is next in line to replace Collingwood.

I am pretty sure if the BCCI removes the rule that you require a NOC from your own board before competing in the IPL ,then there will be many players missing international game and even retiring to play IPL and CLt20 plus other tournaments.You will be fine with it?
Look, if you want a discussion, answer the points and hand and don't build straw men.