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Yardy flies home with depression


State 12th Man
3rd Englishman in the last 10yrs iirc?
First Thorpey (divorce
?), then Tresco and now Yardy.
Go well son.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I see Rashid is cleared to replace him.

Well done ICC for acknowledging it as a valid reason to replace someone, you wonder if a few years ago England would have been told to do on when they enquired about replacing him.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
He must not have been on the Ashes squad, right? So it's not as bad for him as it is for Swann, Strauss, Bell, Trott etc..
But he played domestic cricket in NZ during the Ashes.

Going home is absolutely the right thing to do if he's in a bad way. Must make it only worse if you're so far from home and family and friends, and also in a very foreign environment. Hope things get better for him soon.

Somerset Chops

School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Glad that Rashid has been called up as i would of had him in the squad in the first place , i'ld throw him straight in the team for saturday.

TT Boy

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Time Rashid arrives with the squad, England will be packing up their stuff and flying back home. Shame for Yardy, hope he didn't read all our supportive comments about him here!


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Has to be the first time it has happened in the WC surely?

First Trescothik and now Yardy have both pulled out of tours of SC due to depression.

Btw, how do ICC check for such a thing to ensure it's a actual injury/problem?


Hall of Fame Member
I wasn't a member when the Trescothick incident happened but I hope he wasn't subject to the same comments as Yardy here. Say what you want about his playing ability or the fact he wasn't 'even' in the Ashes squad the fact is the bloke's got depression. The finer intricacies are unknown to us but to me they're not important. Yardy's well being is the more important matter so I hope the best for him and that he gets all the support he needs.


Poor guy, hope everything gets better for him and he can return to the English side soon.

Really don't think it's appropriate to make jokes about this. Akmal's keeping is a funny thing, but depression is very much not.


Virat Kohli (c)
****, I'm really not a fan of seeing Yardy on the cricket field (got nothing against him personally obviously), but this is awful news.

Depression is such a complicated issue. Sad to see him leave a World Cup due to it. Sure he wasn't in the best XI anymore but all it would take is one injury and he'd almost be back in the fold. So for him to walk away from a World Cup it must be serious.


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Given what I have just read about Boycs in Fred Titmus's 2005 autobiography he ought to bear in mind the old "People in glasshouses...." saying

Or perhaps he thought Fred had taken the story to his grave