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*Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread


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What do we make of this? Anyone have any idea what he could bring to the role?
Smart guy, hopefully a good communicator. Selection isn't rocket science, to me it's about watching a lot of cricket, having good relationships with people at all levels and getting the 'good oil', and knowing the players well enough to get a handle on not just the numbers but who might mentally handle the highest level and all that comes with it.


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Easy win, well done especially to rach. Santner and henry we already know are quality. Encouraging to see kane get through after the ginger running first up. Good to hear Ian smith on commentary as always! First time I'm actually hearing him commentate a game from the subc.

On another note can icc finally get some new graphics for the scorecard? Been the exact same since the 2019 wc and the two t20 wc's after that. Also the song/anthem for the world cup this year is absolute sh**. Just nitpicky s***t but go Blackcaps! ODI World cup time is finally here!
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Chapman, Ravindra and Neesham fighting for one spot? That's probably my order of preference, too.
If Conway's (or Phillips) keeping was up to ODI standard- which is doubtful, we could play this XI on a spinners surface and bat deep like England, SA and Australia do.

As it is I'd stick with Latham as keeper, and he does play spin well himself but lots to love about this batting line up.

Neesham if it's a pacers track.

Conway +