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Thread Hijacks

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Fair enough, can take that on board, would like to add though, that I only give as good as I get, and desist when warned.
Yeah, wasn't meant to be targetting you unfairly as its clearly a case of give & take, but I guess its a similar (if less pronounced) example of the same thing.


Virat Kohli (c)
Not sure of the precise incidents, but CC has been awful over the last few months. I know its copped **** over the years but I think that's from people who don't like debating cricket.

But recently, it's sending even the debaters nuts.


Norwood's on Fire
I'm gonna do something I don't always do, and agree 100% with Jono ;)

There have been many potentially good topics gone astray

King Pietersen

International Captain
Sledger, before you can comment on thread moderation, please answer these 10 questions on CW's history:

1. Who has the most posts for the year 2008?
2. Who won BOTM II?
3. Name two founding moderators
4. Name a poster who signed up on their birthday
5. Name a poster that got banned during the 2006 football world cup
6. Which cricketer came 4th in The Sean's top 25 cricketer vote?
7. Which is CW's most owned album?
8. How many DVD's does Pratters own?
9. What was the very first battle on the site?
10. Which poster has the record for most consecutive posts in a thread?

You have 25 minutes.
:laugh: That actually made me LOL. Epic.


Norwood's on Fire
Quoted it to save headaches with different PPP:

Haha, i love you CWers & the internet tuff talk.

I have be told not to insult anyone anymore. Lets see what the moderators will do about you breaking forum rules.

But either way since you think i'm such an idiot when it comes to my views on cricket. Let me give you my usual cricket quizz. If you can't answer this 10 questions accurately, then you won't have any credibily left to question anything i ever say again:

1. Who is credited with inventing the googly?

2. This West Indian fast-bowler cut short the career of a batsman by hitting him the skull in a test match in the 60s. Who was the bowler & the batsman in this incident?

3. He was a Yorkshire & ENG cricketer & captain (who played for ENG in early 20th century), soldier, Politian. Who was he?

4. This 19th century Australian bowler once bowled a delivery that left a dent in the batsman's back. Who was he?.

5. Who took ENGs first post-war hattrick?

6. In one freak occrance in test history. This bowler finished with figures of 32-27-5-0 and bowling a record 21 consecutive maiden overs in this spell. Who was he?.

7. He is credited as being New Zealand's premier spin bowler in their immediate post war years. Who was he?.

8. This classy Pakistan opener. Retired from cricket to pursue a career in acting who was he?

9. He was the first spinner to get Tendulkar out stumped in a test match. Who was he?

10. He was first debutant in test history to be out out first ball of a test. Who was he?

30 minutes to answer & you need to get more than 5 correct....


Cricket Web Staff Member
Been on it for a while tbh. Got a bit sick of the bull**** about the city I've lived in all my life, then being told I know nothing about it, though have relented occasionally to see whats going on, because there usually were one or two decent posts in there before.


I now see he has been banned, can anyone confirm the duration? Terrific victory for the mod team if it's a perma.


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I now see he has been banned, can anyone confirm the duration? Terrific victory for the mod team if it's a perma.
Let us just hope that a Multi does not pop up in the next few days, not that they would be hard to identify.
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aussie multi's along with precam multi's = anarchy. Can't wait for this. People get ready...
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