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Thread Hijacks

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Should have gone for good for that one in my opinion.
I suppose I'm not really one to comment on the decisions to ban people, given my history, but I must say that is one occasion where I have been very surprised that a harsher punishment was not handed down, I struggle to believe that anyone else could have made such a thread and got away with it.


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See his "I want to kill every fag I see" thread tbh.
Just browsed through that. WAC.

It seems he's from Manchester. Is he from there originally does anyone know, because I don't get the gangsta **** from a northern Englishman?

TBF I don't get it from anyone really, except when I watch The Wire.

Anyway Aussie, if you're out there and you're reading the boards, don't hurry back after 6 months, ok?


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Pretty sure my introduction to him was the Mr McShane thing, which naturally meant I never saw him in the best light.
Not open for further replies.