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The Test-only players ODI Draft


Hall of Fame Member
There's still one or two players I thought would have been great at ODIs floating around. I'm sure one will go very soon


Hall of Fame Member
I wonder if any modern successful or even semi-successful test players never played a single ODI. Surely not. I thought maybe Brendan Nash but even he played 9.


Hall of Fame Member
I just thought of another example... the current Australia opener lol. For one more test or so. Anyway I'll stop giving out hints now

The Battlers Prince

International Vice-Captain
I'll take Lindwall, great allround batting and fielding, with his bowling including fast, late swinging yorkers and sharp bouncers. My Pop's favourite bowler.


International Regular
Bill was super economic. Good choice.

I'll go Stan McCabe. Fast scoring rate and some rated him second best after only Bradman during the 30s. The 232 must have came at better than a run a ball, but I don' think records were kept then like that. His 187 during Bodyline also came in only 4 hours, 240 minutes probably means around 200 balls right? I'm sure he farmed the strike both times though. He could also bowl a bit.
According to Charles Davis's website, the 187 was off 230 balls and the 232 was off 275 balls (with the last 104 off 66).

Agent TBY

International Captain
Very surprised and happy that this guy fell to me, considering his (IMO) virtually unmatched value in this draft.

Sir Clyde Walcott (+)


International Captain
I'm not in the draft but thought I'd mention that my website estimates pre-balls faced SR for tests based on time at crease if you guys wanna look for higher SR options. Hammond is not as fast as that one NZ knock suggested.

Also, Pothas has basically won already with that Barnes pick.


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Victor Trumper - Incredible attacking opener who'd have killed it at ODI level.

Gilbert Jessop - For some powerful lower order icing. Would've relished powerplays. Holds 2 out of the 5 fastest FC hundreds ever and 2 of the 4 fastest doubles.