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So Who Is Still Interested?


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As per this post

Ive put together a few idea's in the past week and have been in contact with Liam today about taking over, he has given me a few pointers already and it's looking likely that I can commit to taking over CWXI at this stage.

This thread is pretty much just seeing what sort of numbers we have to continue, I don't really want to put a number on it but you dont have to be a genius to realise that we'd like at least 4 teams with an absolute minimum of 14 per squad, obviously thats 56 players right there.

I'm hoping we still have enough people interested to move this game forward, so if anyone speaks to people who used to play let them know if they are still keen.

Please keep this thread on topic, questions and other stuff can go in the other thread.

Please state your availability like this.

BC Fitzsimmons - Colts

If you are a new player or a returning one who would like to start over as a new player could you please fill in this form

Forum Name:
First Name:
Last Name :
First and middle initials (eg LF for Lance Fred Smith):
Date of Birth (dd-mm-yyyy):

Handedness (LHB/RHB):
Keeper? (Yes/No):
Bowling (OS/LS/LAS/Chinaman/F/FM/MF/M):
General Batting position (1-11):

Batting Avge:
Bowling Avge:
Bowling Econ. (optional):
Batting SR (FC cricket):
Fielding rating: Multiples of 3 please, with 3 being lowest and 27 highest:
(eg Reon King =3, Jonty Rhodes = 27; 3,6,9 etc.)

Email Address:
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