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So Who Is Still Interested?


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Could be tempted - if we're going down to 4 teams then Yellows have to go IMO.
May not have to happen, pure speculation right now. Would obviously consult some senior members on how and who goes if thats the way we go.


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Players Signed Up
1 BC Fitzsimmons
2 HT Davis
3 GM Thomas
4 Kev Gough
5 JJ Ritchie
6 JJD Heads
7 KR Clapham
8 DM Kennett
9 DK Rai
10 M Reddlapalli
11 MJ Smith
12 JP McNamara
13 RF Bowen
14 XPA Rose
15 T Bochat
16 L Camps
17 G Sriram
18 BJ Robb
19 Bharanidharan
20 M Robins?? Maybe?
21 BJ Goff Jnr
22 NK Scott
23 MU Amir
24 M Corrin
25 M Deane
26 JTR Crowther
27 DY Dubb-Lynch
28 CR Burge
29 BC Donald
30 MC Burridge
31 YA Fjermestad
32 DP Towns
33 CP Raftery
34 DP Richards

Good start here, going to need quite a number more to get this off the ground again. But a good effort for the first day.
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Looking good, around three quarters from the existing CWXI squad are yet to sign in so hopefully most of them come back and we should be getting closer to our targetted number.


Cricket Web Owner
If you want to send out an email about it, let me know on MSN over the weekend Simon.