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**Official** Super 8 Group 2 Discussion - Aus, Ind, Pak and SA


International Coach
Lol RSA, choked again in a major tournament. Brain dead captaincy by ABCD.
I think the real choke, the comic-tragic one, will come in the last match of super 8 when they will be in a must win situation. Thankfully, that game is against India, so I am banking on that once we go past Pakistan :-)
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Pathan better open the bowling today. If he doesn't they may as well pick someone else. Pretty ridiculous how he came on in the 10th over against Aus despite bowling so well against England the other day with the new ball.
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Cricketer Of The Year
Irfan-Zaheer-Balaji-Dinda-Ashwin should be the bowling attack for this game, and beyond. At least all of them are capable T20 bowlers, unlike Harbhajan and Chawla. Drop Yuvraj for Sehwag, but the Sehwag-Gambhir partnership has been far from convincing, hence this other option.

The Indian squad has at least three T20 misfits.


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Make Yuvraj Singh open. His running is obv not what it used to be and he hits big. Just instruct him to go for it in the PP with the fielders in. Not a permanent solution but something to consider until he gets his fitness back to an acceptable level.



U19 Vice-Captain
Really hoping that Hilfenhaus or McKay come in for Christian tonight.

Nothing against Christian, but we have not yet looked like needing to bat down that far. Having an extra bowler is going to win us games, not having a bit of extra depth at 8.