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**Official** Super 8 Group 2 Discussion - Aus, Ind, Pak and SA


Global Moderator
Pathan bowling 70mph short balls at Watson :laugh:

That's ********. Why would he do that? He should seek leave to give a personal explanation it's that bad. To say it looks jerky and less than smooth us an understatement.
He does that weird thing where he pauses in his action to try and unsettle the batsmen and see what they are doing.

Only thing is he didn't realise Watson wasn't into doing anything fancy. Maybe next time he should focus more on not bowling long hops than pausing for as long as he can mid way through his action.


U19 12th Man
HAHAHAHAHAHHA Poor India...... Indian media tried so hard to hype up this match and make it look like its bigger than final


U19 Captain
hit a 50 off like 20 balls in a domestic onedayer a few years back. can hit a long ball, and has the worst bowling action i've ever seen.
Maxwell played english T20 for Hampshire this year. Think he had one good knock and several iffy performances with the ball.


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Went for the matches today.
So great to see Watson replying to Kohli's incessant chattering with some massive sixes! Best way to shut that idiot up!


U19 12th Man
Why are teams that topped their groups in previous round in same group in super eights? that means 2 of the teams that topped in their respective groups will be knocked out before semis.....


U19 12th Man
Yeah I meant why would ICC decide that way, it doesn't make sense, ICC has gone mad TBH. Semi-finals should be between top 4 teams not between top 2, 5 & 6th.


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Maxwell played english T20 for Hampshire this year. Think he had one good knock and several iffy performances with the ball.
And we've all seen this tournament how English T20 is the bench mark, haven't we?


The Tiger King
I think the strategy against India should be to make them bat first.........the bowling is ****e in any case so it would be easier chasing rather than setting up the target and letting the indian batsmen know what their job is


Global Moderator
Yeah their batsmen tend to be very good at chasing over the past few years. I'm pumped for Sunday's match but I can see India taking it if we bat without brains again.