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'Official' Pakistan in West Indies


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It's always dangerous to give away the single to the batsmen a bit too easily in such situations.


International Captain
Yes it is. What is the field setting like? I hope the plan is not the ******** "give a single to the batsman and bowl to the tailender."


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This is where that partnership between Shiv and Bishoo yesterday is starting to count in WI's favour. Remains to be seen whether Pakistan can reproduce that.


International 12th Man
My God! The skipper is bowling brilliantly here. I still don't rate him as a bowler, but boy, he's tailor-made for these conditions and how well has he used them!!


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Haha, he just keeps doing the same thing over and over and keeps getting wickets. :laugh:


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Now WI fans need to worry about how long Sammy keeps his place in the team based on this. :p :ph34r:


International Regular
I hope the plan is not the ******** "give a single to the batsman and bowl to the tailender."
No, it isn't. It is: Offer a single to the batsman and when he doesn't take it, bowl yet one more off cutter at him and get him out lbw.


Whatever it takes!!!
Rampaul to Abdur Rehman, OUT, taken at second slip, or was it? Rehman doesn't think it was, he's sticking around, umpires are conferring, it was an overpitched ball outside off, Rehman looks to squeeze that one past slips, only gets it as far as Devon Smith at second slip, from the replays I'd say that is a clean catch, but what does Asoka de Silva say? he wants more replays, and finally Asoka makes the right call, gives Rehman out, Smith finally makes an impact against the spinners

Gotta love cricinfo commentary :laugh: